Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Past Projects

January, 2014: MELT collaborated with the PSU Concrete Canoe Team to laser-cut sections for the canoe hull. 
February, 2014: MELT worked with the PSU Human Powered Vehicle team to help create an aerodynamic foiling. 
March-April, 2014: MELT was involved in the design and fabrication of heat transfer ducts for an experimental Mechatronics class. 
March, 2014: MELT techs trained a SWEET Lab engineer to use the laser cutter to cut identifier panels for pumps in Rwanda. 
April, 2014: The MELT helped construct a protective panel for an ECE laboratory VFD system. 
May, 2014: The MELT helped the PSAS team cut a connector for their most recent rocket. 
June, 2014: The MELT cut emergency parts for the Viking Motor Sports team. 
June, 2014: The MELT cut RF shields for the PSAS rocket team. 
June, 2014: The MELT worked with an ECE graduate student to cut parts for a vapor deposition device. 
July, 2014: The MELT helped cut some experimental geometries for the Drop Tower Lab. 
October, 2014: The MELT worked with a graduate student to machine diffuser plates for a gas injector. 
November, 2014: The MELT cut a set of strain gauges for use in the WET Lab’s wind turbine research. 
November, 2014: The MELT worked with a PhD student to fabricate a duct heater by laser cutting heat-resistant micah sheet. 
December, 2014: The MELT worked with a group of architecture students to fabricate scale models for a class project. 
January, 2015: The MELT worked with a high school research assistant in the WET Lab to construct topographical maps for wind behavior analysis. 
February, 2015: The MELT worked with an architecture student to develop a scale model for a class project.