Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Past Projects

January 2015: The MELT worked with a high school research assistant in the WET Lab to construct topographical maps for wind behavior analysis.

February 2015: The MELT worked with an architecture student to develop a scale model for a class project.
February 2015: MELT Techs led a workshop training Viking Motorsports staff to use the Carbon Fiber Oven built by a PSU Capstone team

March 2015: Used mill and lathe to fabricate a flow-through cell cap for researchers in the SWEET Lab

May 2015: Rastered images on a snow-melting cooker for the Iditarod in Alaska, working with an ME student and CE faculty

July 2015: Assisted a researcher in the WET Lab in constructing topographical models using laser-cut styrofoam sheets
July 2015: Assisted a PhD student in use of the metal laser cutter for a research project

August 2015: Helped a faculty member mill and drill support rigs for a home project
August 2015: Assisted a student with designing a diffusion nozzle in solidworks that he was helping a capstone team with

October 2015: CNC milled an experimental press frame for a ME research lab; incorporated into a CNC workshop for ME students

November 2015: Laser Cut catapult base for ME student for classes.
November 2015: Laser Cut testing material for ME student
November 2015: Assisted student in 3D printing scaled model  of a part for a  project

January 2016: Assisted a faculty member and multiple ME students with CNC milling mounting plates for a novel solar tracker design
January 2016: Used the 3-axis CNC to fabricate a custom set of chiller plates for an ME research lab

February 2016: Used the 3-axis CNC to fabricate a custom suspension mount for Viking Motorsports
February 2016: Assisted a researcher in laser cutting obstruction geometry for fluid flow experiments
February 2016: CNC milled an aluminum laser cutter pinbed for the Laboratory of Interconnected Devices (LID)
February 2016: Laser cut keychain for PSU non engineering studeent

March 2016: Rastered images on a snow-melting cooker for Denali National Park rangers, working with an ME student and CE faculty
March 2016: Trained a ME Capstone team in the use of MasterCAM CNC machining software