Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Lab Team, or MELT! We are a team of technicians at PSU ready to help you with projects, train you on machines, and make cool stuff! If you have a project that you'd like help with, fill out our Help Form and we'll get back to you ASAP. Make sure you've taken the shop safety course too, because you will be operating machines (sign up here)!

Note: We are in the process of moving to a new website. This one is still fully functional, but don't get too used to this page!

Past Projects

January 2015: The MELT worked with a high school research assistant in the WET Lab to construct topographical maps for wind behavior analysis.

February 2015: The MELT worked with an architecture student to develop a scale model for a class project.
February 2015: MELT Techs led a workshop training Viking Motorsports staff to use the Carbon Fiber Oven built by a PSU Capstone team

March 2015: Used mill and lathe to fabricate a flow-through cell cap for researchers in the SWEET Lab

May 2015: Rastered images on a snow-melting cooker for the Iditarod in Alaska, working with an ME student and CE faculty

July 2015: Assisted a researcher in the WET Lab in constructing topographical models using laser-cut styrofoam sheets
July 2015: Assisted a PhD student in use of the metal laser cutter for a research project

August 2015: Helped a faculty member mill and drill support rigs for a home project
August 2015: Assisted a student with designing a diffusion nozzle in solidworks that he was helping a capstone team with

October 2015: CNC milled an experimental press frame for a ME research lab; incorporated into a CNC workshop for ME students

November 2015: Laser Cut catapult base for ME student for classes.
November 2015: Laser Cut testing material for ME student
November 2015: Assisted student in 3D printing scaled model  of a part for a  project

January 2016: Assisted a faculty member and multiple ME students with CNC milling mounting plates for a novel solar tracker design
January 2016: Used the 3-axis CNC to fabricate a custom set of chiller plates for an ME research lab

February 2016: Used the 3-axis CNC to fabricate a custom suspension mount for Viking Motorsports
February 2016: Assisted a researcher in laser cutting obstruction geometry for fluid flow experiments
February 2016: CNC milled an aluminum laser cutter pinbed for the Laboratory of Interconnected Devices (LID)
February 2016: Laser cut keychain for PSU non engineering studeent

March 2016: Rastered images on a snow-melting cooker for Denali National Park rangers, working with an ME student and CE faculty
March 2016: Trained a ME Capstone team in the use of MasterCAM CNC machining software